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1. Buy a copy of the "Person of the Year" issue of Time magazine and past a picture of her on the cover. Write an article about why she should be the person of the year and send it to her. 2. Every night for a week write down 10 things you appreciate about her. By the end of the week you will have written over 70 things. Send the list to her in a romantic card. 3. Before you leave give him a jar containing the same number of M&M's as days you will be away. Instruct him to eat just one a day in your absence. 
4. Buy a box of chocolates. Under each chocolate place a short note. 5. Make a list of 5 things you can do to be more unselfish in your relationship and then DO THEM!!! 6. Go on virtual dates together on the Internet. A few ideas include attending concerts, going to the zoo or museums.
7. Build a webpage celebrating her accomplishments and send the web address to her. 8. Buy a nice picture frame and send it to him with your picture in it. Write a special note to him on the back of the frame. 9. Have a calendar made with pictures of the two of you.
10. Buy her a teddy bear that when squeezed will repeat a personalized message in your voice. 11. Send a "chocolate attack" of one candy bar each day for a week. 12. Have a favorite photograph of the two of you made into a jigsaw puzzle. Send her a few pieces with every letter.
13. Send home a pair of electric warming socks with a note saying that since you couldn't be there to warm her feet that you were sending these to take your place. 14. Send a "Heart Attack". Cut out heart shaped pieces of paper and write on them the things you appreciate about her. Place all the hearts in an envelope and send them to her. 15. Use a video camera to give him a "tour" of the place you are staying and the things you do during the day.
16. Share with him some of your goals for the next five years. 17. Call a massage therapist in the area where she is staying and pay for a one hour body massage for her. 18. Research his family tree. Send what you find to him. 
19. Write a letter as if you were stranded on a deserted island. Place the message in a bottle and send it to her. 20. Be the change you want to see in your relationship. Make a list of the things YOU can do to improve your relationship over the next year. Refer to it on a weekly basis.

We would appreciate hearing how these activities have helped you. Please e-mail us with your suggestions and/or comments.

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