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I appreciate the regular ideas on staying connected to your child. I have
contact with lots of parents who are separated from their children for a
variety of reasons and it is always comforting to them to have something
specific they can do to maintain that connection with their kids.
Just a quick note to let you know how we use your weekly tips. I pass them
on to our many hundred military families that have a loved one deployed overseas. People really love them, and it helps to keep our families feeling close, even over the many, many miles... Please keep up the fantastic job you are doing!!!

This has been a great service. I have passed some of these tips along to
several of my friends with children that live miles away. I personally had a long distance dad and wish that he would have had some of these tips when I was growing up.

Dads at a Distance has helped me build a stronger relationship with my two children. They live 1100 miles away and it's tough to see them all the time. This makes it easier for us to communicate and share activities together. Thanks!

I am not a dad, but I work with dads in regard to parenting issues. Your
weekly e-mail has helped me tremendously with ideas to share - they look forward to hearing the new ones. Most do not have access to the web, so I am their "go-between" for these practical, inexpensive, easy-to-do "connection suggestions."

I teach a father's parenting class in our County Jail. For many of our inmates staying in touch with their children while in jail seems an impossible task..... so I pass along to them many of your "Dad's at a Distance" suggestions and have heard back wonderful reports on how they work. Thanks so much.

S. M.
Keep the advice coming! Although I live near my kids, I enjoy the ideas AND I forward this to dads AND moms that are away from their kids!

Not all of the ideas work for every situation. That is the beauty of the
ideas. They can apply in a variety of situations.
The organization I work for has begun a father's initiative with some of the groups meeting in jail and prisons. Some of the ideas you mention are forwarded to our father's initiative coordinator and then mentioned to the dads for them to use if they wish.


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