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1. This week send your grandchild a letter telling him or her what it means to you to be his or her grandparent and some of your favorite memories that you have had being his or her grandparent. 2. This week make a certificate of appreciation for your grandchild and send it to him or her. It can say anything from "In appreciation for 9 years of being a great kid" to "In appreciation for all of your hard work in helping your parents" Whatever you decide for it to say, frame it and send it to your grandchild. 3. This week either by phone, letters, or the Internet, plan with your grandchild a full day of activities that you can do together when you next see him or her. This will not only give you something to talk about with your grandchild but will also increase the anticipation of when you will be able to be together again.
4. This weeks activity is simple but powerful. Pick up the phone right now and call your grandchild just to say you were thinking about them and that you love them. Make these types of phone calls a habit. 5. This weeks activity is to make a personalized place mat that you can send to your grandchild.

Glue photos of you and your grandchild on a piece of construction paper. Laminate it and send it to your grandchild. Another option is to also include a special note from you on the construction paper.
6. This year instead of making the traditional New Years Resolutions like lose 10lbs, stop smoking etc., make a list of the things you would like to do to become the grandparent you want to be. Post the list in a place that you will see it every day as a reminder to work on those items.

7. This week have a favorite picture of you and your grandchild enlarged to an 8x10. Laminate the picture on a piece of poster board and then cut it up like a jigsaw puzzle. You can either send all of the pieces to your grandchild at one time or send a couple of pieces at a time in each of your letters.

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