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This web book is designed to supply couples with ideas for virtual dates using opportunities on the Internet. Designate a time to access this web site at the same time and choose an activity that you are interested in. Couples can choose between virtual tours of art galleries, famous places, educational tours, science museums, photography exhibits, and many other activities.

We highly recommend you use an Instant Messaging Program while going on these virtual dates. It will not only help you to share the experience with each other but if one of you gets "lost" then all you have to do is copy the web address of where you are and send it to your partner who can then paste it into his or her address bar and "instantly" find you. Enjoy!

Chp. 1 Art Galleries
Chp. 2 Famous Places
Chp. 3 Educational Tours
Chp. 4 Science Museums
Chp. 5 Photography Exhibits
Chp. 6 Other Activities

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